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About Justine

Toronto, ON, Canada

I tell stories with photographs

I photograph events and basically any space where people gather and have a great time. My style is unintrusive, candid, all about capturing natural emotion. I work inconspicuously, quietly, and quickly. Still images are my favourite things to create because they are two-dimensional, void of noise, yet loud and clear for the eyes. View my portfolio.
Justine Chiu, Toronto Photographer


Human and Resourceful

This summer marks the completion of three years of my career in Human Resources. Here are a few things I’ve learned that…


I struggled to write this post because I simply do not have the talent to write about travel. But I know that…

The devil is in the detail

I like to joke that I chose the field of Human Resources because I had the tendencies of an intelligence agent or…

How to restart a career in photography

The moment I sold my 5D Mark III, I thought it was over. I threw in the towel and gave up. But…

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